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Methods & Applications in BioPharmaceutical Characterization eBook [UPDATED]
The updated eBook now contains 270 pages of methods and applications covering the topics listed below. If you work with biopharmaceuticals, this eBook has been created for you. Complete the form right to download your free copy.

• Intact Protein Analysis
• Monoclonal Subunit Mass Analysis
• Peptide Mapping Analysis
• Labeled Glycan Analysis
• Unlabeled Glycan Analysis
• Aggregate Analysis
• Charge Variant Analysis


Simplifying Complexity in Therapeutic Protein Drug Development [NEW]

This case study is produced in collaboration with Symphogen, a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company based in Denmark. Symphogen has a uniquely differentiated precision medicine approach product pipeline based on monoclonal antibody (mAb) and mAb mixture drug candidates. In addition to development of individual mAb drug candidates, Symphogen is further pioneering the application of mAb mixtures as a differentiated approach to cancer therapy that can overcome some of the limitations of conventional single-target mAbs. Read this case study to understand the analytical challenges faced in this work and how application of modern mass spectrometry is facilitating Symphogen's progress in this field.

HR Multi-Attribute Method for Biopharma Analysis [NEW]

Complete characterization of biotherapeutic proteins is a mandatory requirement in reproducible and safe drug production. With the advent of ever-increasing drug complexity, in-depth knowledge gained early in drug discovery facilitates the development of improved quality control strategies. High resolution mass spectrometry alone offers a viable alternative to the requirement for multiple methods and provides detail on a molecular level often not discernable with traditional techniques. Multi-Attribute Method (MAM) is a mass spectrometry-based peptide mapping method used to quantify multiple potential critical quality attributes (CQAs) simultaneously. Read this technical brochure to find out how application of MAM allows individual tests (CEX, CE-SDS, HILIC, ELISA) for specific potential CQAs to be decreased considerably.

BioPharmaceutical Characterization Resource Center Microsite [UPDATED]

MicrositeCoverSeparation Science, in collaboration with Thermo Fisher Scientific, has developed a learning hub focused on analytical solutions for biopharmaceutical characterization. Advanced instrumentation and analytical workflows can help simplify the challenge of biopharmaceutical analysis. In this microsite you'll find details of instrumental and analytical workflows for peptide mapping, labelled and unlabelled glycan analysis, native mass analysis, aggregate analysis and charge variant analysis.

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