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Originally designed for the analysis of fruit and vegetables, QuEChERS (Quick, Easy, Cheap, Effective, Rugged and Safe) covers a variety of sample preparation and clean-up techniques for the analysis of multiple pesticide residues in agricultural matrices. Since its development at the USDA in 2003, the technique has gained significant popularity as the method of choice. It combines several sample preparation steps and extends the range of analytes recovered over older, tedious extraction methods. A driving force in the growth of QuEChERS is the emerging need to determine trace amounts of analytes in a high-throughput environment.

This 'Agricultural & Food Safety Analysis' eBook:

  • explains the three primary QuEChERS methods
  • demonstrates how QuEChERS can significantly improve laboratory efficiency and throughput
  • introduces ChloroFiltr® — a polymeric sorbent designed to replace graphitized carbon black (GCB) for the efficient removal or chlorophyll without loss of planar analytes
  • provides application examples and troubleshooting tips
  • provides product information on QuEChERS multi-packs, extraction kits, ChloroFiltr® dispersive products, cartridge products, and the SpinFiltr® filtration device designed to take the hassle out of dSPE
  • features a useful appendix of possible pesticide analytes that have been shown to yield >90% (or >70%*) recoveries uisng the QuEChERS method.

*refer to PDF for full details.

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