Analytical Testing Methods for Medical Use Cannabis

Separation Science, in collaboration with SCIEX, has developed an on-demand covering analytical strategies for medical use cannabis. To view these presentations simply complete the form to the right of this page.


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Separation Science, in collaboration with SCIEX, has developed a multi-speaker eSeminar covering testing methods and associated topics in medicinal cannabis analysis. 

With more and more states, regions and countries transitioning from treating cannabis as an illicit substance to a therapeutic one, analytical methods are playing an ever more important role in ensuring the safety, authenticity and traceability of these new medical cannabis products - this eSeminar will look at some of the strategies and approaches to this challenging issue.

Below you'll find details of the presentations included in this on-demand event:

Headspace GC-FID-MS Analysis of Terpenes and Terpenoids in Cannabis and Cannabis Products
Tania Sasaki (Confidence Analytics)
This presentation will provide an overview of common terpenes/terpenoids identified in cannabis and cannabis products analysed by HSGC-FID-MS. The properties and potential effects of these compounds will be discussed, along with analytical challenges and possible solutions. Novel and uncommon minor terpenes/terpenoids detected and identified in various products analysed in this laboratory will be presented.

How Advanced LC-MS/MS Methods will Revolutionize Cannabis Analysis
Paul Winkler (SCIEX)
You will learn how increased analytical selectivity will improve data quality, and will gain an understanding of what differential mobility spectrometry is and how it will be possible to run a potency analysis in seconds with the specificity of mass spectrometry. In addition, you will learn how a QTOF mass spectrometer may be used for rapid strain identification and to identify differences between samples.

Cassidy_60Strategies for Microbiological Detection Methods in Cannabis
Brianna Cassidy (CDX Analytics)
In this presentation, you can follow the roadmap of a leading scientist in the selection and development of testing options for microbiological contaminant testing in cannabis. You will
receive insight into the process of methods for testing cannabis, where standardized methods have not yet solidified. An example of microbial method selection using detailed information from a culture vs molecular exploration will be presented.


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