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Keim_Jonathan_Headshot_ImageChromatographic laboratories face continual pressure to increase productivity while decreasing costs. With recent advances in available technology, additional flexibility in updated methods, and optimization of key instrument parameters, we can find valuable opportunities to save time and money. In these tutorials, we will share work showing how the EZGC suite of online tools can be used to improve gas chromatographic analyses. The available tutorials, which can each be viewed separately, are listed below and to view these free of charge simply register using the form opposite.

Tutorial #1: Introduction
This tutorial will introduce the GC method development online tool EZGC and highlight its key benefits and the advantages it can provide to users of GC including how to perform GC method development in minutes directly from your desk, optimize or modify existing methods reliably and without guesswork, and increase productivity—free, easy-to-use online software and GC calculators save time and increase certainty.

Tutorial #2: The Chromatographic Modeler: How does it work?
This tutorial will describe how to use EZGC to do GC method development from scratch, including the column and conditions. With an analyte list, EZGC chromatographic modeler can provide customized, interactive model chromatograms that provide a specific phase, column dimensions, and conditions. You can change columns, modify GC method conditions, zoom in, view chemical structures, and even overlay mass spectra of coeluting compounds.

Tutorial #3: Method Translator and Flow Calculator
Here you will hear how the EZGC method translator and flow calculator tools make it simple to switch carrier gases, change column dimensions or control parameters, or to optimize a method for speed or efficiency. Simply enter your method specifications and the GC calculator will return a full set of method conditions that will provide similar chromatography. You can use the EZGC method translator and flow calculator tool to optimize your analysis for speed so you can increase sample throughput.

Tutorial #4: Additional Resources and Questions
This presentation includes a series of attendee questions submitted at a recent seminar focusing GC method development and optimization and how EZGC can simplify and speed up the process.

Keim_Jonathan_Headshot_ImageThese tutorials are brought to you in collaboration with Restek, and presented by Jonathan Keim. Jonathan "Munch" Keim found his initial home at Restek in technical service, where he spent eight years putting his BS in chemistry from Juniata College and MS in analytical chemistry from the University of Pittsburgh to work assisting Restek's customers. He started as a technical service specialist and ultimately rose to technical service manager before assuming the role of sample preparation product marketing manager. Since 2012, Jonathan has been supporting and expanding the company’s technical training program as education program manager. Along with providing instruction on QuEChERS and other sample prep methods, Jonathan also lends his expertise to our GC and GC-MS seminars.

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