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App2_Nov22Optimized Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon (PAH) Analysis by GC-MS
Some polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons are carcinogenic so trace-level monitoring of air, water, and soil samples is essential for assessing exposure. This application shows how PAH analysis by GC-MS using an Rxi-SVOCms column provides effective detection of the most relevant compounds.


App1_Nov22Improve Semivolatiles Method Performance with Rxi-SVOCms Columns
Semivolatiles methods are essential parts of environmental testing programs, yet they can be difficult for labs to run efficiently because target analyte lists are extensive, and they contain different types of reactive compounds. This application demonstrates how Rxi-SVOCms columns ensure accuracy and sensitivity with good peak shape, response and resolution.


Enviro_App1Fast, 8-Minute Method for Direct Injection of PFAS in Non-Potable Water
This application describes a chromatographic method for the comprehensive analysis of the 24 target and 19 surrogate PFAS in EPA 8327 with a total cycle time of just 8 minutes. This method also provides proper detection sensitivity (10 ppt before dilution) for all analytes.


Enviro_App2Meet Requirements of EPA Method 537.1 PFAS Analysis with Contaminant-Free Workflow
The ubiquitous nature of PFAS in the environment makes ensuring a contaminant-free workflow essential. In this application note, Resprep S-DVB SPE cartridges and related sample preparation products are shown to be consistently free of background interferences.

Enviro_App3Method Guide for PFAS Analysis - A Survey of Existing PFAS Testing Methods and Guidelines from Around the World
Due to their ubiquitous application and the frequency of daily encounters with PFAS, testing will continue to expand from environmental samples to food, consumer goods, and even air. It can be challenging for labs to keep up and keep track of new methods, but this resource can help you find a successful PFAS testing method for the samples you work with.



Product Guide for PFAS Analysis - A Methods-Based Reference to Lab Supplies for PFAS Testing
This product guide provides advice on clean, high-quality lab supplies for PFAS testing and expert technical support for the analysis of legacy, alternative, and ultrashort-chain PFAS across a wide range of global testing standards.



Improve PCB Congener Identification Using the Ortho Effect
This article focuses on how ortho chlorine substitution patterns affect PCB fragmentation during ionization in the mass spectrometer. This is the spectral ortho effect.



Avoiding Inaccurate Ethylene Oxide Analysis Caused by Undetected Air Canister Contamination
This article provides advice on how to make sure you are aware of non-target contaminants in your air canisters that could affect ethylene oxide analysis.



Method TO-15A Requirements and Best Practices for Sampling Devices, Canisters, and Analytical Systems
The approach described here details how you can meet Method TO-15A requirements and qualify your full analytical system as clean and inert enough for air analysis.



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