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In the face of recurring global helium gas shortages, scientific, medical, industrial, and consumer activities that rely on helium gas have felt the impact. Helium users are facing rising prices, supply chain interruptions, and in some cases, have had to shut-down operations.

GC users are sometimes finding themselves at the end of the line compared to major helium applications such as MRI scanners, lifting gas, leak detection, and welding. To address these shortages, GC laboratories have begun looking at possible replacement gases and new approaches to help obtain the carrier gases needed to continue their work. One of the most promising options is using gas generators to provide a steady supply of hydrogen gas as a replacement for helium. 

Although some concerns—and some myths—persist about using hydrogen, it offers multiple benefits and advantages over helium, notably particularly when a gas generator replaces high-pressure gas cylinders. The safety, convenience, availability, purity, analysis run times, and low cost of hydrogen gas generators can provide an excellent solution for many GC facilities and applications. 

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VICI_WhitePaper_120521_CoverEvaluation of Hydrogen as a Carrier Gas in the Analysis of Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons in Water by LLE-LVI-GC-MS 
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