Looking for Cost-effective Online Learning in Advanced HPLC Method Development and HPLC Validation?

Does your site have have multiple users who would benefit from expert online training in LC method development and validation? For a site licence of US$2,000, Analytical Training Solutions provides unlimited access for ALL of your users* to both the 'Advanced HPLC Method Development' and 'Principles of HPLC Validation' courses for a 12-month period:

Advanced HPLC Method Development
Learn a time-proven technique that walks you through the method development process using sound chromatographic principles. Modules include:

• Goal Setting & Strategy • Fundamental Measurements • More About Resolution
• Controlling Selectivity • Packing Characteristics • Alkylsilica Phases
• Other Reversed-Phase Options • Solvent Strength & Retention • Temperature & Solvent-Type
• Selectivity • The Role of pH • Tailing Peaks
• Ion Pairing • Equivalent Columns • Orthogonal Columns
• Orthogonal Column Strategy • How Gradients Work • Controlling the Separation
• Potential Complications • Power of the Scouting Gradient • Even More Power
• QbD for Better Methods • The Advantages of UHPLC • Possible Surprises
• Scaling Separations • Validation Highlights • The Importance of Precision
• Normal Phase • HILIC • Chiral Separations

Principles of HPLC Validation
Validate HPLC methods for the analysis of pharmaceutical drug substance, drug product, impurities, and degradation products. Modules include:
• Steps in Validation • Quality • Chromatography Basics
• Terminology • The Plan • Pre-Validation
• System Suitability • The Validation Process • Regulatory Requirements
• What is Quality by Design? • QbD Screening Experiments • QbD Robustness Testing
• Design of Experiments • Quantitative Analysis • Data Analysis
• Evaluating Data Quality • Integration/Peak Measurement • Control Charts

All courses are broken down into manageable modules and presented in a logical manner for effective learning. Each video module is accompanied by a short quiz to validate your understanding of the materials, and upon completion of a course each user will be able to download a 'Certificate of Completion'. 


*all users must be based at the same geographic site.

For more information complete the form opposite or contact Jeroen Reiniers (jeroen.reiniers@sepscience.com) for more information.