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Fundamentals of HPLC

This 18-part online course covers the essentials that every scientist needs to know in order to make effective use of liquid chromatography instrumentation...


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What does it cover?

'Fundamentals of HPLC' covers the essentials that every scientist needs in order to make effective use of liquid chromatography instrumentation, including:

  • The basics of the chromatographic process
  • Terms and definitions of chromatography
  • How HPLC systems work
  • Practical tips on preventive maintenance
  • Principles of separation chemistry
  • Why “reversed phase” is the standard separation technique
  • The meaning of “gradients” and why they are used
  • How to get the best quantitation
  • and much more

By taking this online course you will acquire a good understanding of the fundamentals of HPLC and get a better knowledge of the key concepts involved. The course is aimed at managers, supervisors, auditors, reviewers, etc. who use information generated by HPLC but do not necessarily do chromatography themselves.


This full course is available for 98 USD. You will have full access to the content for 6 months from purchase. You will be able to view the modules as many times as you like, providing not only a comprehensive introductory course to HPLC, but also a valuable reference tool to refresh you knowledge as and whn required.


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