Regenerated cellulose in HPLC filters

Broad compatibility increases lab consistency...

HPLC is a versatile technique for chemical analysis that employs a range of different solvents depending on the application. The technique benefits from filtration during sample preparation to remove particulates. Regenerated cellulose consists of pure cellulose without the addition of any wetting agent. After solubilization and casting, it results in a uniform, reproducible membrane for filtration.


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Do's and don'ts when filtering viscous liquids

Save time and boost lab efficiency with this guide...

If you work in an analytical lab that performs filtration prior to analysis, then you’re probably used to processing many samples under a set time constraint. Any way to save time in analytical sample preparation while still delivering accurate, consistent results can help get products released quickly and safely.


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Save time in HPLC prep

Using multilayer and all-in-one filter units...

If you analyse large numbers of samples using HPLC, sample preparation can take up a lot of your time. Filtering samples before HPLC can help avoid frit clogging and while maintaining data quality. So, what can you do to simplify and speed up the process?


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