Call for Papers: Scientific Abstract Submission

Separation Science 2017 is now open for abstract submission, both for oral and poster presentations. Presentations are invited to the programme and should cover either:

  • New or improved analytical methods
  • A review of existing techniques and processes
  • Applications of hyphenated methods across food, pharmaceutical, bioclinical, environmental, energy and other industries
  • Instrumental developments and adaptations
  • Regulatory issues
  • Tips & tricks
  • Efficiency improvements

Abstracts for both oral and poster presentations should be submitted using the form below and comprise:

1. Title
2. Full author details and affiliations
3. Lead author contact details
4. Scientific abstract describing the highlights of the poster (max 250 words)
5. Any associated references

Poster submissions should be in either Microsoft Word or PDF formats:

Deadline for poster abstract submission: 20 October, 2017

If you have any questions relating to abstract submission please contact David Hills (

Submit Your Abstract


Information for Authors – Poster Presenters

Poster Size: Posters should be in portrait format and a maximun size of A0 (84.1 cm width, 118.9 cm height).

Poster Layout: It is highly recommended that posters should be presented as follows:
1. Title
2. Author(s), affiliation(s) and address(es)
3. Introduction
4. Results
5. Discussion and Conclusion
6. References

It is recommended that authors use colour in their posters, particularly for figures and illustrations, to aid the reader experience. However, simply black & white posters are also acceptable.

Poster Language: All posters should be in English. Please note that the poster should be clearly understandable in its own right, such that it can be understood in the absence of the author(s) and without a study of the abstract. Font and font sizes should be chosen for their legibility.

Poster Boards: Each poster board will be labelled with a poster number so that it can be clearly identified by the author. Please do not remove this label. Details of how to find your poster board will be provided at the time of the conference. You are free to bring materials to mount your poster, but spare materials will be available at the venue. Please do not print on the poster boards. Authors can bring summaries or small copies of their posters to hand out to interested parties at the conference. Alternatively, envelopes can be posted under the poster for collection of reprint requests.

Timing: Posters should be mounted before 10am in time for the first poster session.