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BanerjeeSpice Up Your Life with MS: Workflows for High Throughput Pesticide Analysis by MS/MS in Challenging Matrices such as Spices and Tobacco by Kaushik Banerjee


Food Analysis

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Excellence in Science

Thank you for visiting the Shimadzu 'Excellence in Science' portal, a collaboration between Separation Science and Shimadzu. On this page you will find links to useful information and resources relevant to analytical scientists working across pharmaceutical, food, environmental and clinical disciplines. Content includes:

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Pharma & Bioclinical


Assuring Laboratory Data Integrity in a Time of Enhanced Regulatory Oversight
by David Stokes 


Pharma Analysis

Bioclinical Analysis

Shimadzu Solutions


GC-MS to GC-MS-MS for Chemical Residue Analysis
by Nicholas Snow


Liquid Chromatography

Gas Chromatography

Mass Spectrometry