Ion Chromatography for Pharma and Biopharma:
Complete IC solutions for Pharmaceuticals and Biopharmaceuticals

Brochure1.pngDiscover the unique benefits of modern ion chromatography systems for the analysis of pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals.
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Thermo Scientific Dionex ICS-5000+ HPIC System

Brochure2.pngThe ICS-5000+ HPIC system is a top-of-the-line IC system capable of addressing a full range of IC application needs. It is the next generation, premier ion chromatography system with the ability to operate as a Reagent-Free™ (RFIC™) system at up to 5000 psi. Its high-pressure capability gives you the flexibility to use small-particle columns in standard lengths for higher resolution without sacrificing speed or shorter (150 mm) columns for higher flow rates and high throughput.
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Thermo Scientific Dionex Integrion HPIC System

Brochure3.pngYour laboratory ecosystem is different from all others. It consists of its own unique web of interactions between your laboratory team and the instruments they use. At its best, everything is in sync. Thoughtfully designed instruments accelerate your stream of results while blending seamlessly into your laboratory. The Integrion IC system is made to support you. It was designed to fit with the flow of your laboratory so that it quickly falls in sync with your processes.
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