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JeffRohrerInterview.pngTalking Ion Chromatography for Pharmaceutical Analysis

with Dr Jeffrey Rohrer

Hear the value of modern ion chromatography systems for pharmaceutical analysis and pharmacopeial monograph modernization

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FeaturedVideo1.pngThe Role of Ion Chromatography in the USP Monograph Modernization Initiative

In this educational presentation, Dr. Ravi Ravichandran discusses the role of ion chromatography in the USP's efforts to modernize its existing monographs.

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JR_Presentation.pngIon Chromatography for Pharmaceutical Analysis

In this educational presentation, Dr. Jeff Rohrer gives an introduction to ion chromatography (IC), discusses what IC offers for pharmaceutical analysis, presents a review of IC applications, before instructing how to develop an IC method for pharmaceutical analysis.

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SHInterview.pngAAPS Interview with Sheldon Henderson

In this interview, taken during AAPS 2017, Rwan Moore talks to Sheldon Henderson about the Thermo Fisher Scientific Dionex ICS 5000 Plus HPIC system.

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Fund1.pngIntroduction to Ion Chromatography

This whiteboard video describes the basics of ion chromatography such as the choice of column, sample injection, generalized system setup, and detector choices. In addition, there is an introduction to the latest ion chromatography system available from Thermo Fisher Scientific.

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The Role of Eluent Generation in Ion Chromatography

This whiteboard video describes the basics of ion chromatography with respect to the mobile phase or eluent. We take a look at the history of the IC eluents, how each was developed through to the modern electrolytic eluents that are used today.

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